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Pool Winterizing Checklist -

Use this checklist to make sure that you've done what's needed to winterize your pool the correct way so you can open up to a clean pool next spring.

Be sure to check with your local builder if there are certain pool system items that require special attention.

ALL POOLS (vinyl liner only):
[  ] Remove ladders & any deck equipment
[  ] Vacuum pool & remove all debris
[  ] Add Chemicals to pool according to instructions

[  ] Clean & protect the waterline with Off the Wall Cleaner
[  ] Drain Filter tank of ALL WATER. Leave winter drain plug off![  ] Put all eyeballs, drain caps, gauges, etc. in pump basket for safekeeping
[  ] Clean DE grids or Cartridge with BioGuard Strip Kwik, Kleen It or SoftSwim Filter Cleaner
[  ] Bring pump/motor indoors for winter
[  ] Winterize heater (if equipped) according to manufacturer's instructions. Failure to do so will cause winter damage and freezing
[  ] Remove return eyeball(s) and install plug(s) or cap(s)
[  ] Winterize skimmer(s). See below for pool type
[  ] Put on Winter Cover
All Solid covers should FLOAT on the top of the water
DO NOT drain pool lower than bottom of skimmer (mesh covered pools only)
If a pillow is used, inflate only to about 2/3 full. Over inflation will cause air leakage.
[  ] Properly store maintenance equipment

INGROUND POOLS (vinyl liner only):
[  ] Thoroughly blow out underground lines
[  ] Install Gizzmo(s) in skimmer(s) or Aquador(s)
[  ] Add pipeline antifreeze at the rate of 1 gal. per 20 ft of line run
[  ] Store diving board (if equipped) in a flat position
[  ] Safety covers should be retightened at time of installation
[  ] Add additional dosage of Back Up Algicide in the spring if safety cover is used

[  ] Winterize skimmer with AQUADOR
[  ] Tighten cable securely around cover
[  ] Use Cover Clips to further secure cover. DO NOT HANG BOTTLES. Bottles hung from the cover will tear the cover!

[  ] Remove leaves and heavy debris that accumulate on cover
[  ] Remove excess water from top of cover (A submersible cover pump works best).

ALL Chemical Winter Kits are made to properly WORK for a maximum of about 4 months. If the pool is going to be closed for a longer period of time (example closing before October 1 and opening after May 1), it is absolutely necessary to add additional shock and algaecide to the winterizing process. This will help to prevent not only algae growth but chlorine demand problems at pool opening.

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Bring in a Water Sample BEFORE Closing Your Pool!
Brilliant, Sparkling Close!
Brilliant, Sparkling Open!

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If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Stratford  203-377-0100
FAX: (24 hrs) 203-375-7787


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